Josh Parlette, bass player for the Chicago based band Escape Is Not Freedom, has something entirely different up his sleeve! He’s been working on a new project by the name of Soul Attrition which packs a punch of potential for wandering listeners the world over. Here you can find a haunting air of doom rolling over ears like churning black storm clouds… In reality, the storm has yet to strike… Seek shelter.

A wide palette of sounds come to be mixed together and painted across the release known as “Vashon Rain”. This includes the likes of Grunge, Post-Metal, Sludge Metal, Prog, Alternative Rock, and more! With great variety comes great possibility! This was reportedly constructed during through the cold, whipping winds of a Chicago winter just adding another layer of gray to the portrait.

The Soul Attrition debut is currently available for pre-order over on Bandcamp. It will officially be put out on July 13th as an independent release. Look it up!

In support of this, a 5+ minute single by the name of “Fatal Flaw” has been making the rounds online. It brings a certain melancholy but, ultimately, realistic look on the nature of human existence. It shifts through a few different, darkened soundscapes before opening up into a wrenching tremolo towards the end. It makes for a good introduction to the overall experience to come.

With 6 more tracks following suit, there’s a good bit of promise to be found with the fall of “Vashon Rain”. Reference the aforementioned Bandcamp links if you want to give the music a spin! Likewise, reference those links to pre-order the record if you enjoy!

You can also follow along with the music of Soul Attrition over on the Facebook page for the project. Give a “like”, check your forecast, and prepare yourselves for what happens next!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp