Recently, we introduced the band Argyle & The Smoothskins alongside an animated video stream for their new album “Go And Make Disciples”. Now, we’re doubling down on how awesome it is. Not only do they have a Fallout reference for a band name, they craft music that is akin to an adventure for the ears!

More specifically, Argyle & The Smoothskins make a sweet brand of Progressive Rock / Metal that crosses a series of ideas and emotions. “Go And Make Disciples” put this on display through over an hours worth of music. You can enjoy this for yourself through the visual stream provided below.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, they’ve produced a sound influenced by the likes of Dream Theater, Haken, and King Crimson which could be recommended to fans of Scale The Summit, Cloudkicker, and Pomegranate Tiger.

Their music is make between the collective minds of Evan Fox (previously of the band Inoculation) who handles drums, percussion, and programming, Dave Kirsch (of Kamikabe, Ethereal, and also previously of Inoculation) on bass, and finally James Lapso handles the guitar work and programming as well.

“Go And Make Disciples” is currently available for purchase on just about all major music platforms! You can find the links to all of these by heading over to their official website by CLICKING HERE.

You can also keep tabs on Argyle & The Smoothskins by following their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Enjoy the aural adventure!

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Official Website // Bandcamp