Cynic frontman and guitarist Paul Masvisdal had some news to share in a recent Instagram post. Among this news are references to a new acoustic album he’s working on and new Cynic music! You can read his statement just below and see the Instagram post itself below that. Lots of music on the way!

“Salut fellow beings! I’m holding an Orgonite Pyramid I made recently. It consists of gemstones, metals, and sacred geometry, encased in resin. “Orgone” can help protect us from WiFi and electro-magnetic frequencies in our energy field, along with many other benefits I’ve discovered. More info on this work later ✨In other news, I’m currently sleepless, and blissfully immersed in recording an acoustic record! It’s a barebones, raw, intimate, collection of songs, direct from the heart, and will be released sometime this fall, along with a few other surprises. Cynic is in progress as well. How is your Sunday? 👁👽🖤🖖🏽🌹🧘🏽‍♂️ #orgone”

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