Sadly, it appears that this is the end for Delusions Of Grandeur. They just released what will be their final EP. It goes by the name of “Apotheosis” and can be streamed in full through the player below. You can also read over the band’s official description below that.

Our Final EP. We give you the culmination of our sonic development, ‘Apotheosis’

It’s hard to describe how we feel releasing our final musical child as this is one of the most bittersweet moments we’ve ever experienced. Looking back on the 7 years we’ve been a band we can’t help but feel eternally grateful for all of the unbelievable support a few guys making music in Pittsburgh have received. If we have been able to touch even one person’s life this journey has been more than worth it.

Thank you to our incredible fans across the globe. While we never got the opportunity to tour and meet all of you, it is you that have truly made this band what it is. We give you our strongest group of songs as a final thank you to all of your years of support.

Take one final ride with us. We love you, thank you.

– Gabe, Brent, Zack

Delusions of Grandeur

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