In a recent interview with Rauta, Meshuggah guitar player Marten Hagstrom apologized for his part in creating Djent. You can watch the full video interview play out below. You can also read a bit of what he had to say of the topic right here:

“First of all, we’re very sorry for creating that genre; we didn’t intend to — our bad. No, but it’s actually… I think it’s a misconception, that djent thing. I think it’s kind of hilarious. It’s our lead guitar player, Fredrik, being drunk back in the day, talking to one of our old-school fans, trying to explain what type of guitar tone we were always trying to get, and he was desperately trying to say, ‘We want that ‘dj_,’ ‘dj_,’ ‘dj_,’ ‘dj_.’ And that guy was, like, ‘What’s he saying? Is that a Swedish word? Must be. Sounds like dj_, maybe ‘djent’? Maybe something like that.’ And that’s where it comes from. A drunk misunderstanding, as always with Meshuggah.”

Once again, you can watch the full interview for this topic a so much more right here:

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