Here’s a new release for the prog heads of this world!

Paper Hero have been hard at work since their start around the year 2015. Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, they’ve been constructing music that’s built on multiple foundations in order to have something of their own. Primarily, they’re a Progressive Metal / Rock band but they also mix in elements of Math Rock, Art Rock, and some good old fashioned experimentation to keep listeners on their toes. It all comes together very nicely when all is said and done.

Speaking of the results, the band just launched an all new EP by the name of “HFTL” today! It’s comprised of 3 enjoyable tracks with no shortage of musical ideas to go around. This is currently available for streaming and purchase through platforms such as Bandcamp and Spotify. You can also find the Bandcamp streaming link down below and hit “play” to jump right in.

“HFTL” serves as the follow up effort to the band’s debut “Colorless Aquarium” which had launched in the Summer of 2016. That record had served as a strong introduction and is, likewise, available on both Bandcamp and Spotify for all wandering ears! There are some notable highlights and differences between these two records. It’s always nice to see musicians of this caliber evolve and try new things.

The band itself is comprised of five members. They are Maru Martinez and Brycen Doby on guitars with Austin Ramsey on the bass down under. Both Giovanni Franceschi and Tristan Zemtseff handle vocals in differing capacities and Tristan handles the drums as well.

If you enjoy what they’re doing collectively through Paper Hero, you can keep tabs on them directly through Facebook and Instagram to see what may come next! In the meantime, enjoy “HFTL” and send the band some love on their release day!

In other Paper Hero news, the band will soon be playing the Subterranean in Chicago on July 24th. You can grab your tickets by CLICKING HERE.

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp // Spotify