Skyharbor stand on the edge of releasing an all new album effort “Sunshine Dust”! This will land around the world on September 7th through the good people over at eOne. Pre-orders are currently available to those who CLICK HERE.

In order to hype this up a bit and allow fans to learn more about the band, they’ve started releasing a new documentary series by the name of “Ethos”! You can watch the very first part of this below.

Here’s the official description that came with the “Ethos” launch:

Award-winning Indo-American band SKYHARBOR present ‘Ethos’, a documentary series that takes a look behind the scenes into the functionings of the band, the challenges of touring in India, how they dealt with multiple line-up changes, and how it all culminates in their upcoming studio offering SUNSHINE DUST.

Written and Directed by: Jishnu Guha
Director of Photography: Krish Makhija

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