Keyboard player Berna Baki aka Berry from the band Hanging The Nihilist has been putting out a series of awesome piano covers for a number of heavy bands. This includes the likes of Lorna Shore, Aversions Crown, and Make Them Suffer. She reworks a number of these tracks to come across as pure, beautifully dissonant piano music that’s admittedly easier on the ears than the original tracks but enjoyable all the same.

You can enjoy this first hand through her cover for Aversions Crown’s “Erebus” right here:

You can also follow along with Berry through the following links:

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Here’s what Berna herself had to say of the Aversions Crown cover:

“Hello! Here is my new piano cover of Aversions Crown’s song Erebus. My piano covers will be different from now on. I won’t be just playing over a song, but instead I have decided to challenge myself by playing all the main melodies in a song, no matter if they are of a piano or guitar or something else and even maybe add some of my own melodies. I wasn’t sure if I should also add percussion to the cover, but I tried with and without and it sounded best with for the sound I was going for. What I tried to do is make a combination between a piano cover of a metal song with a soundtrack. I love soundtrack music and I love metal so I was curious how it would turn up in the end. Well here it is! Tell me what you think about it in the comments :)”

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