Bloodywood (not to be confused with Bollywood) are a multi-talented band making a huge noise out of India right now! They’ve been launching a number of videos across the internet, some of which are going absolutely viral!

They recently came out with a track called “Jee Veerey” which is essentially the bands call to fight the mental disease of depression with metal music. It’s a great track with a great message so give it a spin.

Their music combines a number of musical approaches from around the world into a unified sound that is almost sure to get stuck in the listener’s head. And they’re only getting started! You can support the project right now over on Paetreon and iTunes as they continue to grow. You can also follow along over on Facebook where these videos are currently blowing up.

In support of this unique project, we’ve teamed up with Bloodywood to directly share the video with you good people. You can enjoy this right here:

We had previously shared this track from them as well!

Links: Facebook // Paetreon // iTunes