Here are the new records that came out this week! If you’d like to see releases added to the list for future weeks, contact us by clicking here.

Cauldron – New Gods

Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions

Counterparts – Private Room

Dying Fetus/Incantation/Gatecreeper/Genocide Pact Split

Infera Bruo – Cerement

Korpiklaani – Kulkija

Krisiun – Scourge Of The Enthroned

Mestis (Animals As Leaders) – Eikasia

Monstrosity – The Passage of Existence

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage

Satan – Cruel Magic

Siege Of Power – Warning Blast

Skyharbor – Sunshine Dust

Suicidal Tendencies – STill Cyco Punk After All These Years