Our friend András Szvirida, the Ukranian mastermind behind Outlaw Sparrow and Insomnia Project has just launched a new project! This has been done under his Outlaw Sparrow Project moniker and it makes for quite the instrumental listening experience. He brings a well developed, modern Progressive Metal sound with elements of atmosphere, groove, and even some shred all coming into play.

This is all put on exhibition through the new Outlaw Sparrow Project EP “Outrage” which provides a number of quality tracks! In support, there’s a brand new playthrough for the track “Difficulties/Psychosis” feat. Serga Kasinec making the rounds. You can check this out along with the full EP and much more down below.

You can also grab the music for your collection over on Bandcamp or keep up with the work of András over on Facebook and his Official Website. Enjoy!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp