Every once in a blue moon, my first reaction to a band is trying to scrape my face off the ground. Archspire have achieved this effect with an absolutely ruthless approach in Technical Death Metal perfection. Trying to deny this bands talent is like trying to bite your own ear off. Good luck with that.

They blew us away with the 2014 debut album “The Lucid Collective” (CLICK HERE to read our review) and did so once again last year with “Relentless Mutation” (CLICK HERE to read our review). Their prowess for is quite impressive to say the least.

To celebrate Halloween, the band put together an “R Rated” horror themed guitar playthrough for their monster track “Involuntary Dopplegänger”! You can view it in all of its glory down below. This was done in support of last year’s aforementioned LP “Relentless Mutation” which is completely worth experiencing in full!

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