It’s time to give you good people a world premiere!

The band Aviations had a jaw dropping, stop motion animated music video made for their track “Lullaby”. This was quite literally pieced together by the amazing talents of animator Martyna Koleniec (@martynakoleniec). From her studio in Warsaw, she truly brought this intricate song to life! With all that being said, you can grab some popcorn and watch the full video for yourself right here:

CLICK HERE for a behind the scenes look at how the video was made!

This was done in support of the album “The Light Years” which Aviations put out earlier this year to much critical acclaim! And for good reason! The nine tracks of this LP lay out a proper journey for the ears across nearly an hour’s worth of content where any aural adventure is possible. The band boasts a huge, lush, and all around creative sound. So, if you enjoy the music on “Lullaby”, what are you waiting for!? Go on that adventure!

“The Light Years” is available for streaming and purchase across the internet on platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes to name a few. You can even pick up some merch by CLICKING HERE.

Speaking of merch, Aviations are planning a 30 shirt giveaway to celebrate the release of this music video! You can learn much more about that by heading over to their Facebook page. They’re active on other social networks as well. Give Aviations a follow on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about the band.

If you’d like to experience more without navigating your flight away from this page, you can find a drum playthrough for the track “Concrete Kitten” just below as well. Amazing content all around from this band!

Aviations: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // Twitter // Spotify // Amazon // iTunes

Martyna Koleniec: Official Website // Making of “Lullaby” music video