Introducing Face The Day! This is a one man Progressive Rock band powered by the mind of Martin Schuster. Coming from the Czech Republic, he’s collaborated with the likes of Between the Planets’ Martin Spacosh and makes music that could be recommended for fans of Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Opeth, and the like. There’s plenty of experimentation and ear hooks to go around here!

Right now, he’s planning the release of an all new Face The Day album called “Stuck In The Present”. Boasting some stunning artwork, this album is expected to impact the world on October 22nd… not a bad wait at all! This should be made available on platforms such as Bandcamp when the time comes. You can also follow along on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In support of this, we’ve helped premiere an all new single by the name of “Elevator To The Sky”! This can be enjoyed in all of its glory through the single stream provided just below. If you enjoy the music, prepare yourselves for what comes next… a whole albums worth of this content will be landing shortly!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp