A darkness has recently spread amongst the ears of the living, threatening to consume their very souls with licking flames borne of a metallic furnace. In other, less infernal words, a quality metal release just hit the world this month!

Haiduk has been hard at work for a number of years constructing melodic blackened death metal under the hammer of a solo project. Since Haiduk’s 2009 birth in Calgary, a total of 4 largely DIY releases have already risen up from the depths of composer Luka Milojica’s mind. It started up with the very complete 2010 demo offering known as “Plagueswept” and steamrolled into a total of 3 albums! The first of which, 2012’s “Spellbook” was even featured on The Circle Pit in our early days for good reason. The music is wicked! This was followed up by 2015’s monster “Demonicon” which ramped up to the focus of this piece today…

… “Exomancer” is the 3rd full-length offering from Haiduk. This is composed of 10 tracks painted in a notable shade of darkness just waiting to throw shadows into the ears of unsuspecting listeners! This was released in full on October 17th and is currently available for purchase and streaming in full through platforms along the lines of Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

Beyond celebrating the album itself, we’ve gathered to hone in on the 3rd track from the LP called “Evil Art” which, incidentally, is also a great description for this music as a whole \m/ This track is a tremolo picked tornado of dark matter and blastbeats ready to lift listeners from their seats. Technical undercurrents and effective songwriting outline this number to make for a great, mind twisting listening experience. You may enjoy this for yourself through the stream provided below.

Beyond checking the full album, if you enjoy the work of Haiduk, you can follow along on social networks to see what wickedness may come next. You can explore this on Facebook and YouTube. There’s even an official website you can click through to learn much more about what makes Haiduk tick.

Hails to the “Exomancer”! The full album is, likewise, available at your fingertips here:

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp // iTunes // Spotify // YouTube