We have a gift for you good people today! The band Psyanide has been making a huge sound out of Thessaloniki, Greece. They’ve been doing this by combining elements of Groove and Melodic Death Metal with a highly professional approach to bring it all to the next level.

This showed on their most recent release “I Declare War” which struck the world through Straight from the Heart Records. This record is currently available for streaming and purchase through most major online music platforms. This includes Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, and Deezer.

In support of this, the band put together an incredible full band playthrough for the track “From Flesh To Gold”. You can view this in all of it’s glory just below!

Furthermore, if you’d like to follow along with the band, you can visit them on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Enjoy!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // YouTube // iTunes // Spotify // Google Play // Deezer