It may sound like a painful case but this is a Ravaged Spleen Outburst you may want to experience. Hailing from the capital of Serbia comes a one man extreme metal machine that’s ready to grind unsuspecting ears to a pulp. Powered by this single Belgradian mind comes a whirlwind of sound crossed between Melodic Death Metal and pure Slam. All in all, it comes down to a good time.

This is a truly DIY endeavor from top to bottom. Known simply as A. Ð., the man behind this project takes care of the guitar work, bass, vocals, drum programming, and all manner of production all on his own. Furthermore, he even took care of the logo and cover art. He makes this all happen while using what’s he’s listed to be his stock Fender Stratocaster tuned to Drop D, Blackstar HT-1, a cheap Hama gaming microphone, Reaper as a DAW, and some royalty free samples and bass drop samples to enhance the experience.

For being a new project, quite a lot of work has already been put in. With surgical precision, Ravaged Spleen Outburst launched a debut EP “Lymph Node” back in September and have already moved onto the next step… Now, the mind behind this band is ready to launch into a debut album by the name of “The Church of Anemia”! Talk about a work ethic…

More specifically, “The Church of Anemia” will see the light of day on November 16, 2018. Pre-orders are currently available over on Bandcamp where you can also enjoy the album’s first single “Breeding the Bleeding”. Once again, it shows off the interesting blend of metallic elements in a way that has already hooked the ears of a number of listeners between layers of sonic violence mixed with intense melodic twists. Expect to keep on your toes while listeners.

However, as it stands, you won’t have to wait another minute to give this beast a listen! We’re premiering the entire album stream right here, right now. Enjoy!

Believe it or not, the album will also be made available as a “name your price” / free download upon its release on Bandcamp. Stay tuned and see how the whole experience weaves together with its release next month! Should be bloody good!

Links: Bandcamp