Soen is preparing to release an all new album by the name of “Lotus“. This will ultimately occur on February 1st through Silver Lining Music with pre-orders available to those who CLICK HERE. This will be the band’s first full-length effort with guitarist Cody Ford.

In support, they’ve launched a new single by the name of “Rival which can be streamed here:

Vocalist Joel Ekelöf had the following to say of the effort:

“Ultimately, ‘Lotus‘ is about rising from whatever darkness, or dark places, you might find yourself. And its inspiration comes from a deep motivation to not just settle for the situation you might find yourself in.

‘Lotus‘ is about changing life — both your own and your surroundings for which we must all take responsibility — and make them better rather than letting darkness pacify you and take you down.”

Links: Facebook // Official Website