I recently went on a discovery binge and came across the joys of the Atmospheric Black Metal band Voidsphere via Bandcamp. They create massive, void worship inspired tracks that make the listener feel like their being hurled on an adventure across the cosmos itself. I would easily recommend their work to anyone who enjoys this branch of extreme metal with a good lo-fi reverb soaking. As the band suggests, you should, “Ingest The Void”.

This is put on display through their recent 2-track output “To Await | To Expect ” through Amor Fati Productions. Make no mistake – this is a full release clocking in at well over 40 minutes of the good stuff. This follows up last years release of a similar nature “To Call | To Speak”.

Both of the above can be enjoyed via streaming below. You can also purchase the metal over on Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Links: Bandcamp