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Canadian brutal death veterans DEFORMATORY team up with their epic dark metal label-mates BLOOD OF CHRIST for an exclusive split album to be released through CDN Records.

Aptly entitled, BILATERAL CARNAGE will be released in 7” vinyl format as a single edition, limited quantity merchandise item, shipping out in March 2019.

Short, sweet, and with no room to breathe. Bilateral Carnage is non-stop barrage of epic heavy & creative riffs, rapid fire drumming and monstrous vocals, delivered by both bands in their own unique but complimentary way.

The insane cover artwork was crafted by Ardha Lepa

Bilateral Carnage Album Cover by Ardha Lepa Bilateral Carnage Deformatory & Blood of Christ 7″ Split CDN RECORDS

Tracklisting for Bilateral Carnage

1. Myiasis

Blood of Christ
1. The Extinction Syndicate
2. Murdering a Storyteller

Pre-orders for the limited edition vinyls will start on December 19 through the CDN Records webstore along with Deformatory’s upcoming music video.

Both bands are available for interviews, and advanced copies of the album for reviews can be provided upon request.

Neil Grandy – Drums
Charlie Leduc – Lead vocals, guitar & bass
Dan Rogers – Guitar

Recording Credits:
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: DEFORMATORY

Official Website: www.deformatory.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/deformatory
Instagram: instagram.com/deformatory

Jason Longo – drums, cymbals & sawblade
Chris Gooding – vocals
Mark Chander – the bass player
Jeff Longo – cosmic rhythms & grind chords

Recorded at IceHouse Studios, Goderich
Mixed & Mastered by Thomas Ireland
Produced by Thomas Ireland & Blood of Christ

Facebook: facebook.com/bloodofchristofficial

CDN Records

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