Warning – the following is not suitable for human ears.

Mankind Grief are a band from Barcelona, Spain (aka the final frontier) bringing their heavy hitting take on Aliencore… the favorite genre of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. As such, their music could be recommended to fans of contemporaries like Aversions Crown, Rings of Saturn, Shadow of Intent and the like. If you also enjoy bands like Chelsea Grin and Oceano, you’ll likely enjoy the sound here.

The band has been building up for a few years now, only recently going fully active. This brings us to today and the results hit hard… very hard. Mankind Grief just launched their debut single by the name of “DOGMA”. It comes complete with a lyric video from no less than the man Scott Rudd. This can be viewed / enjoyed in all of its glory just below!

If you enjoy what Mankind Grief are up to, be sure to give them a visit on Facebook and Instagram. You can also grab “DOGMA” for free over on Bandcamp and check their Merch.

Enjoy your alien abduction:

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