Red hair is the best hair. There’s a new, suped-up, souless four-piece making their prescence known from the United States northwest. They go by the name of Ginger Bread And The Daywalkers! The line-up consists of the following talents:

Kyle Baltus from 36 Crazyfists/Ligature Marks
Grant Evans from Within Sight
Jimmy Sandvig from Within Sight
Karl Whinnery from Vintersea/Ligature Marks

Together, they’ve taken to making hard hitting, melodic, emotionally charged music. This shows full force through the debut single by the name of “Eternal”. This makes for nearly 4 minutes worth of new content for ears to devour.

A music video was also made for the new track and can be enjoyed first hand below! The clip was filmed by HotKarlProductions in Astoria, Oregon at a historic hotel by the name of the Astor. All in all, this makes for some nice visuals to compliment the band’s sound.

As a little background on the band’s chuckle worthy name, it was taken from a troll comment on their brother band Within Sight’s music video. It basically said they should have a new band name with all the gingers running around which brings us to today… Ginger Bread And The Daywalkers! Enjoy!

Expect more from these guys in the, hopefully, not-so-distant future!