Crossing The Rubicon are a Progressive Metal band that bends the rules through their instrumental approach. How, you ask? They take a high quality to the approach to the style while adding in another member… a saxophone player! And as any fan of music should know, saxophones make just about everything better.

They put this sound to the ultimate test with their most recent album “Matter” and came out on top with a quality listening experience. It’s comprised of 11 tracks over about an hour spread. The effort really shows.

To support this, the band just premiered an all new music video for the track “Vesuvius”! It’s an eruption of beautiful sound just waiting to take you on a journey. You can experience this for yourself right here:

You can dive into the sounds for yourself right here, right now! The entirety of the album is available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp among many other prominent music sources like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and beyond. Furthermore, we recently had the opportunity to stream their music video for the track “Time Lapse”! Tuck in!

If you wish to follow along with Crossing The Rubicon as they continue on this golden path of sound, you may do so by checking them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

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