The new Sunn O))) album will come with multiple release dates across the month of April. The official release will be April 26th. However, it will also be out on April 13th for Record Store Day.

It would also appear the band recorded a whole other album “Pyroclasts” during the same session with more news on the way….

The band had the following to say of this:

“With great pleasure we present a few special public deep listening sessions of our forthcoming album Life Metal. Our wish and intention are to offer the astounding presence, detail and color of this recording on great PA systems in a public situation as an introduction.

Part of the joy of producing and mastering this album in the studio was that we were fortunate to be able to listen on the perfect high fidelity playback situations for the record, top precise studio sound guided by the best ears in the business. With these public listening sessions we hope to get a step closer to that experience of being inside the studio for you all at these special events, a few weeks before the album is unleashed upon the world.”

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