It’s probably about time someone made a rap song using Polyphia’s recent music. Featuring elements of trap music with high end virtuoso playing, it was simply meant to be.

It also figures that someone from our own community would be the one up to the task! If you didn’t know… Wastewalker, ex-Conducting From The Grave guitarist John Abernathy has a rapping alter ego going by the name of Abernasty. His style is generally full of fast paced tongue twisters… Let’s just say the opposite of mumble rap!

To be specific, he tackled Polyphia’s “G.O.A.T.” You can enjoy this for yourself right here:

If you’d like to hear more, just go search Abernasty to find all kinds of content! For example, he came out with a new EP last year which you can find on Bandcamp and you can follow along via Facebook.

You can also find the original version of “G.O.A.T.” here for all your cross comparison needs:

Just as a bonus, Abernasty once wrote a rap about our website The Circle Pit of all things! It was a bonus from a Kickstarter campaign one of our past writers supported. Funny enough, I didn’t actually know about this until 2-3 years after it was released!

Abernasty: Facebook // Bandcamp