[P.U.T] are proud to present their 6th album “WE ARE (BR)OTHERS” on Cursed Monk Records available 20 april 2019.

First album to feature the 3 brothers, this common work of 2 years has been self-recorded between Paris area & Brussels, mixed by Loïc at garlic.lab and mastered by Alex Vitrac (ex member) at studio CBE, Paris.

21 years of Industrial Sludge Noise

[P.U.T], 3 brothers, living in Paris / Brussels, who making since 1998, a mix of machines vs guitares, blending noise, sludge-metal, industrial and punk to create a music that borrows to madness, emotion, heaviness and anger.

Personal and without concessions, their 6 albums, 8 maxis, 1 split CD, 4 live, a 7inch, a compilation of rareties, and more than 50 contributions to worldwide compilations, does not disavow the influences of Godflesh, Killing joke, Sonic Youth, Scorn or Unsane (and many more!). The band always intrigues at the most point.

On stage, the band reveals his power, making as much noise as a 4-5 pieces musicians…. intense, raw, dirty, disturbing… a destructive machine in movement

More than 180 shows in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria,
Swiss, Czech rep. and Germany.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp