4 Piece rock band These Fading Visions hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin just dropped their sophomore EP “REBIRTH”. With catchy choruses, beautiful transitions, and heavy breakdowns, this release deserves to be on your playlists.

These Fading Visions will be on tour starting Friday March 21st- March 31st. Visions also stated they will be adding more tours throughout the year to promote their EP.

After many changes to their lineup, they added Colton Ramey (bass) and Max Borzick (Drums). Changing from a Melodic Metalcore to a hybrid Rock/Metal genre really seems to fit the band in all the right ways. Wiedower seems to really have found his true voice.

The bands current lineup is:
Justin Wiedower: Vocals
Chase Kendall: Guitar
Max Borzick: Drums
Colton Ramey: Bass

Make sure to check out their social media links below to keep up to date on tour announcements.

Links: Facebook // Spotify // YouTube