The new Lowlife single “Deadweight” features a stupid number of Deathcore / Death Metal vocalists over it’s nearly 7 minute runtime. The track itself and the full list of vocalists can be found just below.

00:08-00:50 (Caleb Branham – LowLife)
00:50-01:15 (Tom Barber – Chelsea Grin, ex Lorna Shore)
01:15-01:45 (Rheese Peters – Babirusa, The Senate, Protoform, ex A Night In Texas)
01:45-02:15 (Ben Mason – Bound In Fear)
02:15-02:37 (Jordan James – Disentomb)
02:37-02:45 (Caleb Branham – LowLife)
02:45-03:20 (Alex Terrible – Slaughter To Prevail)
03:20-03:45 (Cj McCreery – Lorna Shore, ex Signs of the Swarm)
03:45-04:23 (Duncan Bently – Vulvodynia, XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX, Harvest Misery)
04:23-04:50 (Cj McMahon – Thy Art Is Murder)
04:50-05:18 (Ben Duer – Shadow Of Intent, Hollow Prophet)
05:18-05:45 (Jamie Hanks – I Declare War, Sacrificer)
05:45-06:44 (Dan Watson – Enterprise Earth, Mire Lore, ex Infant Annihilator)

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