Today marks the arrival of some great music! If you’re a fan of instrumental Progressive Metal, Aura of Birth is a band you should be paying attention to. They’ve been releasing a number of high quality singles in recent history and today is no exception…

That being said, let us present “Genuinity: Comfort In Isolation”! This is the latest single from Aura of Birth and features no less than a spot from Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney. Ultimately, it amounts to well over 5 minutes of quality guitar content I’m sure a number of you will greatly enjoy! In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to compare Aura of Birth with some contemporary greats like CHON, The Contortionist, The Afterimage, and Save us from the Archon.

If you’d like to keep up with Aura of Birth as they continue to pump out great music, you may do so by following them on platforms like Facebook. You can also check out their merch by CLICKING HERE and give them a visit over on Bandcamp.

You can enjoy “Genuinity: Comfort In Isolation” firsthand through the streaming link here:

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