Italian based band Awake The Secrets released on March 28th their first full-length album Chameleon.

Three years from their debut, (Awake The Secrets EP, 2016) the band just dropped 13 new tracks, refining and improve the quality of the composition and the structure of the songs.

Chameleon is a mixture of Deathcore, Mathcore and Djent, featuring super-low tuned bass, hard-hitting and caothic guitar playing, harsh and gutteral vocals and technical and blazing fast drumming, all contributing to an heavy, dissonant and headbanging-inducing mix of brutality and technicality.

FFO: The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Car Bomb, Iwrestledabearonce, Ion Dissonance

Song List:
1- Fading Pigmentation
2- Needful Opinions
3- Cloverfield
4- Fume Flags
5- Pathetic Leeches
6- The Harvest After The Avalanche
7- CC
8- Blindsight
9- Saints And Wrongdoers
10- Cognitive Dissonance
11- Scapegrace
12- Crestfallen
13- Limitless

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