If you looking for something fresh and just downright full of non-stop ferocity check out thee underground and underrated chops of a band from the Midwest.. HANDSOME PRICK! They deliver destructive and diverse deathgrind derived from the depths of Dyer.. Indiana!

HANDSOME PRICK display superior musicianship and it shows in more ways than one. Both of their full length albums were recorded in 1 or 2 days/takes, which to me, speaks volumes. If one has the opportunity to catch these guys live, be ready for another level of insanity is all I can say.

– Darren Stone

FFO: Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Minor Threat, Cattle Decapitation.

Featuring current and former members of:

Moistened Disciples,
Pink Machines,
Dirty Dead,
The Megabangers

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp