How Long Does It Take to Learn Electric Violin?

Whether you’re just starting to learn violin or taking advanced lessons, understanding that there are different types of violin that require certain skill level is important. For instance, learning electric violin is different from learning acoustic violin. So how long does it take before you can finally play these instruments?

Tips in Learning the Violin

Generally, the learning speed will depend on the frequency of practice. If you’re aiming to learn violin in a faster way, make sure to allot more time in practicing the instrument. In addition, you will have to dedicate more effort in improving your skills using acoustic and electric violin in order to become a professional violinist. If you’re opting for an electric violin than an acoustic violin, it’s advisable that you choose the best electric violin that will fit your needs as a beginner.

It’s all about hard work and commitment if you want to succeed in your goals as a musician. But if you just want to have some fun playing violin, you can spend time with friends who know how to play the instrument. You can even create a band to hone your skills. After all, music should be enjoyed with friends and family.

Estimated Period to Learn Electric Violin

There’s no exact answer to know how long it takes to learn to play an electric violin, but with determination and thorough practice, you’ll be able to master it in no time. But if you really want to have an idea on how long, let’s set a timeline for this.

For example, you’re taking lessons 5 days a week. The first month will be about the basics of playing electric violin. It will teach you how to take good care of your instrument while familiarizing yourself with the different parts of a violin.

On the second month, you will learn to be comfortable in holding the violin. You will also start playing notes using your fingers on the left hand. During the third to sixth month, you will be asked to play simple songs and learn more notes and rhythms.

The seventh to twelfth month will be learning various songs while developing bowing techniques. Your teacher will tell you what makes legato and staccato bowing different from each other. The lessons will continue until you reach the final year where you will be taught how to perform a lot of songs using professional skills.


There’s no limit as to how long you can learn playing electric violin as long as there’s room for improvement. The more you practice the better electric violinist you’ll be.