If you find any sort of enjoyment while taking in progressive music, the band Asymmetric Universe is an absolute must listen! They were recently recommended to us by a friend and now we’re sharing them with good reason. They can easily be compared and contrasted with some contemporary greats from the movement.

Between only three members, they make an absolutely massive sound melding some of the best Progressive Metal and Fusion have to offer through an instrumental medium. Expect a nice blend of beautiful melodic passages, forward thinking, and rhythmic heaviness. There’s no shortage of talent to be found behind this new Italian juggernaut. They only formed as a band last year but they’re already bringing the sound of fully seasoned collaborative musicians to the table.

All of this and more shows through their debut offering “When Reality Disarticulates” which makes for a wild ~20 minute ride. It’s currently available for purchase and streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music among other locations.

This month, the band also struck the world with a sweet music video for the record’s lead single “Hermeneutic Shock”. This, along with the full EP stream, can be enjoyed just below. Hit those play buttons!

If you wish to follow along with Asymmetric Universe and see what they cook up next (should be great!), be sure to give a visit to their pages on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Any and all support here is well deserved!

Links: Bandcamp // Facebook // YouTube // Instagram