Brazil based Hardcore Punk band Malvina just released an all new music video in anticipation of their album “Hybrid War” to be released this Friday. You can find the video itself and the official press release from the band right here:

In advance of their upcoming album, “Hybrid War”, out on Friday 26th, the band are releasing the single “XIII” and accompanying video

Fans of Malvina, one of the leading exponents of hardcore punk in Brazil, can enjoy a taster of their new album, “Hybrid War”, with the single “XIII”, out shortly accompanied by a video. With their signature blend of heavy punk rock, thrash metal, and elements of progressive rock, the single makes reference to 2013, a year marked by rising instability and unrest that culminated in a coup, toppling the former president Dilma Rousseff.

In the song, this subject is dealt with using the core concept of the album, hybrid warfare, a term coined by the political analyst Andrew Kroybko to refer to a specific form of unconventional conflict. In a hybrid war, a given agent – in this case, the United States – will indirectly attack target countries, probing their weaknesses by exploiting psychological factors and manipulating information. The purpose is to seed discontent amongst the people of countries with governments the US sees as hostile to its own agenda, with the ultimate goal of bringing about regime change to support its imperialist policies.

The single “XIII” relates the events of 2013 to the wave of anti-government indignation sparked by groups like MBL – funded by the American billionaire Koch brothers – which managed to incite portions of the population to go out onto the streets to call for the president to be ousted.

The lyrics reveal how the overwhelmingly middle-class nature of these “color revolutions” (as such demonstrations targeted by US interference have been called) is indicative of the class hatred that had lain dormant since Brazil’s most underprivileged classes first started to rise out of poverty.

The video, shot by Alima Produtora Audiovisual at Nitshore, an offshore facility in the port of Niterói, alludes to the oil industry, one of the sectors of the Brazilian economy hardest hit by the political action of the Operation Car Wash, which held the Workers’ Party criminally accountable and passed on confidential information to the United States Department of Justice, itself responsible for coordinating a series of actions within the Car Wash investigation, according to the former Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco.

The track has a strong 90s punk rock feel, with a deeper, denser sound melded with thrash metal elements and an anarchic structure characteristic of prog rock.
“Hybrid War” was mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore together with the band at The Blasting Room Studios in Colorado, USA, frequented by artists like Rise Against, NOFX, and Descendents. It will be distributed across more than ten countries by the labels Electric Funeral (Brazil), Ghost Factory (Italy), Geenger (Croatia), Morning Wood (Netherlands), 5FeetUnder (Denmark), Lockjaw (UK), Mevzu (Turkey), Money Fire (USA), Punk & Disorderly (Canada), Audioslam (Chile), and Razor (Argentina).

Composed and produced by The Berberts

Co-produced by Davi Baeta

Recorded at El Sonoro (Niterói/RJ) and DQG (Cabo Frio/RJ)

Mixed and Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room Studios, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Produced by Alima Produtora Audiovisual
Diene Guedes
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