We’re proud to introduce you to Needless, a high octane thrash / death metal band on a rampage from Hungary! Going strong since 2004, they’re currently building up to the release of a new album “Heresy” which is set to land in 2019.

In support of this, the band just launched a new single by the name of “Starcult” to follow up their lyric video for “The Monolith”. This makes for some truly great metal tracks and a solid introduction to the band + upcoming album. You can give a listen through the stream provided below.

If you enjoy the like of Death, Exodus, and even Gojira – this one might be for you!

To follow along towards the release of the new “Heresy” album, be sure to give the band a follow over on Facebook. You can also experience their previous music by navigating onto Bandcamp. Stay tuned!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp