With sadness, we must report that Omar Higgins, Memphis Hardcore legend and frontman for the band Negro Terror, passed away last Thursday. He had been hospitalized with a mini-stroke and staph infection two weeks ago and was clearly too young.

His family left the following statement:

“It saddens us to announce that Omar passed away this past Thursday. Omar fought so hard and never gave up hope as so many friends and family prayed and came to visit him almost every day he was in the hospital. Omar loved so many people from all walks of life and he made sure to always help anyone that came to him in need of advice and would do anything that would bring peace. Omar wanted to continue to do what he loved and was healing others through music and conversation. If you or anyone you care about ever needs help, please fight with every muscle in your body to help them with every ounce of love you can summon.

We love all of you so much as does Omar – let us continue to keep his memory alive and cemented in the history books of Memphis Music.”

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