A very interesting, dare I say brilliant, project has come to our attention! Finland based one man band / art project TØRRENTIAL delivers a refreshing take on music that is fully worth a listen. This is a genre bending Alternative Metal / sound design experience that stands apart from most heavy music you hear today from the sounds themselves to the marketing tactics.

This shows through the new EP “Chameleon Wasteland” which, despite being available on digital platforms, is only available physically (and for free + different every time) to those who join the mailing list. The record itself is also excellent, even boasting mastering credits from The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Kevin Antreassian.

It’s highly recommended you give a listen here:

Here’s the official word in support of this:

TØRRENTIAL. is a new genre-bending art project from Oulu, Finland. The independently released debut EP, “Chameleon Wasteland”, is an expressive, deep, and dark release. The record forms one single piece of music by concept and design by painting a sonic picture of an emotional trip a person embarks on when finding himself on the verge of change.

The record was entirely self-produced in Oulu, mixed at 6ound Studio in Moscow by Michael Pahalen, and mastered at Backroom Studios, New Jersey by Kevin Antreassian from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.

The Solid Ground 0:00
Home Anew 00:35:04
Hyphen 04:31:19
The Quicksand 08:37:12

Stream “Chameleon Wasteland” at your favorite platform:

Spotify https://tinyurl.com/torrentialspotify
Apple Music https://tinyurl.com/torrentialapplemusic
Bandcamp https://thisistorrential.bandcamp.com

Go to the website for more direct links, info, and lyrics: https://thisistorrential.com/

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