Ahead of its June 14th release, Baroness are streaming the new album “Gold & Grey” in its entirety via NPR! That being the case, you can give a listen to the goods by CLICKING HERE.



John Dyer Baizley had the following to say of this:

“This is the most clear representation of the artistic vision I have for the band that we’ve ever done. Where ‘Purple‘ was me lyrically trying to work out how to adjust to a new normal, I think ‘Gold & Grey‘ is a more grown-up and more subtle collection of words that reflect how I am trying to deal with the longer term effects of having experienced so many terrible things.

I choose to use the band as a place where I can take all of this stress, pain, anxiety, all these realities, and make them something good.”

In other news, the band has an upcoming tour with Torche, Pallbearer, and War On Women. You can find the dates by CLICKING HERE.

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