If you’re looking for new prog music to immerse your ears in, look no further! We have an exceptional candidate. DRUMMOND is a solo artist making his mark from New York state. He does this by seamlessly combining elements of rich, high end Progressive Rock with Jazz Fusion, electronic music, and more. This all comes to be fused together through a pure creative force that is worthy of note!

Most recently, it all came together on the new DRUMMOND EP known as “In Sand”. This is a 3-track offering that diligently covers a ~12 minute palette of sound. Each number will bring the listener to a differing soundscape filled with beautiful peaks and valleys worthy of exploration. The record is currently available for streaming and purchase across a number of platforms – most notably on Bandcamp. You can also find a number of other platforms and social networks for DRUMMOND by navigating through the links provided on his official website.

To dig into the music itself, you can check the stream provided below. DRUMMOND has been hard at work for years now and, as such, isn’t limited to this latest release. The “Getting Comfortable” EP brought a beautiful array of sounds back in 2015 and features the likes of Sithu Aye. He’s also popped out some quality singles and demos in the time between!

Speaking of quality features along the lines of Sithu Aye, there are a few names of note on the latest “In Sand” record. Key among them is French metal / electronic producer The Algorithm with a feature on the title track. The record was also mixed / mastered in conjunction with the brilliant Stemage who’s known for his work in Metroid Metal among many other things. Talent everywhere you look!

Once again, if you’d like to dig into DRUMMOND’s work, you may do so right here:

Links: Bandcamp // Official Website