Galactic Mechanics is a new and exciting Progressive Death Metal band to keep tabs on. Boasting members from other bands like Subnuba, you know there’s a good amount of talent to be found here. Thematically, things go space with this band making for some intrigue out of the Death Metal approach as well. Sonically, their approach to extreme metal could be recommended to fans of Wormed, Suffocation, Death and the like.

All of this and more shows through the band’s latest offering – the “Lost Sector” EP. This just landed recently and is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp among other locations. To support the cause, we’ve also made a full streaming video for the record which can be enjoyed just below!

If you like what Galactic Mechanics are up to, be sure to give them a follow on Facebook. Also give Subnuba a listen while you’re at it! You can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp