Ne Obliviscaris drummer Dan Presland just put out a drum playthrough for the bands track “Eeyrie”! You can give this a spin right here, right now:

Here’s the official word from Dan in support of this:

Here’s the Urn play through for Eeyrie from our 2017 record. A huge thank you to Zildjian cymbals for sending me the entire K series to use in this series, it’s amazing how diverse these cymbals are. From extreme metal to light jazz…

Very happy with this mix personally, good guy John Douglass killed this one for me. This is what my drums sound like, and it’s replicated nicely on this track. I spent a lot of time writing drums for this track in particular, it’s a long crescendo build up to the 7/8 rhythmic riff, and it kind of takes off from there. As usual, there are no samples on the snare or toms, they are all natural, and it seems a lot of people are going this way once again also which is great to see. Viva la naturale. This track is all one take also, with no quantizing. and I always try keep it that way for the flow of the video. I really hope you enjoy this one, more to come!

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