The Agonist are preparing to launch a new album by the name of “Orphans”! This will hit the world on September 20th via Napalm Records / Rodeostar Records. Pre-orders are currently available to those who CLICK HERE.

In support, the band has launched a lead single / music video by the name of “In Vertigo”! You can give this a spin right here:

The band’s vocalist Vicky Psarakis had the following to say of this:

“When I heard the first instrumentals for ‘Orphans‘ I was a bit shocked and confused. The music was really dark and heavier than anything we’ve done in previous albums and I wasn’t quite sure how I’d be able to match that emotion. But then you know all it took was writing one full song to get the ball rolling and 2-3 months later everything was done!

With every new album, we love to experiment and dip our toes into new territory, but there’s also a lot of elements here that are reminiscent of the earlier days. You can expect a lot of hard hitting, fast-paced madness and many many blast beats! Vocally, there’s a wide range of styles, some of which I tried out for the first time, and the lyrics are mostly inspired from horror stories and real-life tragedies. Events that I felt a lot of people can relate to.

‘Orphans‘ is my third album with The Agonist and I can’t wait to show the world what we created! We’re excited to finally share the first taste with all of you… Get ready for ‘In Vertigo!‘”

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