Berried Alive is a force to be reckoned with. The mastermind Charles Caswell and his wife Kaylie Caswell have proven their collective chops time and time again with seemingly countless singles and albums. They are a nonstop machine of awesome, forward thinking metal music!

Their latest “Fruit Punch” serves as absolutely no exception to this. Better yet, it turns out to be an experimental number in a few ways as Charles explains:

I’m extremely proud and excited to announce my berry own (and the first ever) signature killswitch! Iron Age Accessories and I have been working closely on this for some time now to make sure everything about it is absolutely perfect. If you know my music you’ve seen me use this in songs such as Hump, Bearies Alive, Dark Corners, and many others. There were only 75 made, and they will not last long at all. So if you’d like to unlock a whole new world of possibilities on your guitar, grab one while you can!

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