An all new lyric video from The Anima Effect has struck! It was made for the recent title track “Terminal Encryption Pt 2” featuring none other than Charles Caswell of Berried Alive and can be enjoyed right here:

As hinted, this comes from an EP of the same title. “Terminal Encryption” is a 6 track ode to the finest in Progressive Metalcore featuring nearly an hours worth of quality content. Beyond the aforementioned Berried Alive inclusion, this includes cameos from no less than Katie Thompson (Fallujah collaborator, Chiasma, Kadaebra,The Plagued Raven), and Taylor Bates (Your Hands Write History, Steaksauce Mustache). Definitely give it a go!

If you need any more reason, we reason put up a full-length album review for “Terminal Encryption”. CLICK HERE to hear in-depth thoughts on this record from one of our writers.

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As for other recent video goods from the band, you can dig deeper here:

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