Toxic Holocaust have announced the release of an all new album “Primal Future” for October 4th. This will be the first record through eOne.

In support, an all new single / lyric video combo by the name of “Chemical Warlords” has arrived! You can give the goods a spin right here:

The one and only Joel Grind had the following to say of this:

“When I started the band in 1999, I never imagined I’d still be doing it in 2019. It’s been a long time coming but the new album is finally ready and it’s sort of a culmination of my past twenty years of doing this band. Most notably, I decided to go back to my roots and record this entire album by myself and play all of the instruments like I did in the early days. It was a lot of fun and nostalgic and at the same time exciting to be able to apply everything I’ve learned over the years.”

01 – “Chemical Warlords”
02 – “Black Out The Code”
03 – “New World Beyond”
04 – “Deafened By The Roar”
05 – “Time’s Edge”
06 – “Primal Future”
07 – “Iron Cage”
08 – “Controlled By Fear”
09 – “Aftermath”
10 – “Cybernetic War”

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