It’s a great time to be an ARKAIK fan! The band is currently gearing up to release all new music through no less than The Artisan Era. In support, they just came out with an unbelievably good new single by the name of “Supernal Flame”. This comes complete with a well made lyric video which you can enjoy right here, right now! If this singles serves as any indication, we’re in for some more great music from the band very soon!

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BRAND OF SACRIFICE (ex- The Afterimage, Ascariasis)

If you’re looking for an extremely heavy, new Deathcore band… look no further! Armed to the teeth with talent, Brand of Sacrifice are here to annihilate the unsuspecting. The band consists of former members from The Afterimage and Ascariasis so you know it’s the good stuff. Most recently, the band came out with a new album known as “Godhand”. This hit through the good people over at Unique Leader Records. You can give a listen for yourselves right here. Sounds like pure evil (in the best way possible, of course!).

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On the verge of releasing a new album “Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave” through the good people at 20 Buck Spin, Witch Vomit is one hell of an extreme metal act just waiting to steamroll your ears to a bloody pulp. In fact, the album will see the light of day this Friday, August 30th. They come at listeners with an unrelenting Death Metal approach that I’m sure a number of you will enjoy! You can sample the wares through the stream provided right here:

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