The Detevilus Project was born in 2010 in the province of Varese, from an idea by Matteo Venegoni, former guitarist of Nekrosun. Convinced by the way of self-production, the project came to life only in February 2019, once a small recording studio was set up at home.

Referring above all to Death Metal, Progressive Metal and Djent, the style of the Detevilus Project takes elements from each of them, blending them together. So far eight songs have been published, both sung and instrumental, including “Origins”, a song released in July 2019, but composed by Matteo in 2010, giving rise to the Detevilus Project.

– Monda Felice

Video subject: Matteo Venegoni
Direction and editing: Matteo Venegoni, Alessia D’Amico
Music: Matteo Venegoni
Produced by: Matteo Venegoni
Mix & Master: Matteo Venegoni
Line up: Matteo Venegoni
Genre: death metal / progressive metal / djent

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