We have quite the treat for your ears today! HELLRUNE is a new project powered by the man, the myth, and the legend Roman Arsafes (known for his work in Kartikeya and Above The Earth as well as his solo project Arsafes). With this particular moniker, he’s taking on a sweet Symphonic Extreme Metal approach that’s sure to make jaws hit the floor with its sheer majesty.

Recently, an all new EP by the name of “Seventh Within” has made impact! This is a monstrously great record that I’m positive a number of you will enjoy. For that reason, you can find the full stream below! Take in the beautiful extremity of it all! Further streaming and purchase options are available for those who head over to Bandcamp.

If you wish to support Hellrune (and Arsafes) further and learn more about the work, head over to Facebook and follow along!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp