Here’s a band that extreme metal fans should be keeping tabs on. Northwind Wolves are an explosive talent emerging from none other than the city of angels. Their craft comes down to playing some wicked Melodic Black Metal music that deserves to be heard.

Their latest comes in the form of a single “Unholy Forest of Wolves – Part I” which was released via Black Lion Records. This was done in support of the band’s forthcoming album “Mountains And Darkness” and can be enjoyed through the stream right here:

Follow along via sources like Facebook and grab the goods over on Bandcamp.

Here’s the official word in support of this:

LA based Melodic Black metal kings Northwind Wolves returns with their follow up to 2017’s Dark… Cold… Grim…
Northwind wolves new album Mountains And Darkness delivers that sweet cold grim Black metal that immediately transports the listener to the carpathian mountains.

” Mountains and Darkness is the second studio album of LA based extreme metal band NorthWind Wolves. Mountains and Darkness is a dark journey on the first few tracks while transitioning into a melodic triumphant finale on the last few tracks . With production quality raised and song writing more focused , NorthWind wolves brings you a passage into new dark territories with ” Mountains and Darkness” .

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