Arsafes could easily be considered among the best Prog artists coming out of Eastern Europe today. His work with Kartikeya among a number of other projects has been solid to say the least. One of his primary mediums for release is his solo project, quite literally named Arsafes.

Today marks the release of an all new single called “Biryani”! This makes for a 6+ minute venture for ears which can be enjoyed through the streaming video provided below. This has also been available over on Bandcamp.

If you enjoy this music and want more, you’re in luck! Arsafes has some new music up his sleeve that he’ll be unveiling soon. You can stay up to date by giving him a follow on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, VK, and YouTube.

You can also hear more Arsafes music right now by CLICKING HERE.

Links: Facebook // VK // Bandcamp // Instagram // YouTube